One Year!

Yesterday marked my One Year Anniversary on WordPress! I was unable to write anything to celebrate, so we’ll be celebrating in a week. My One Year Anniversary will be celebrated in a post next Saturday instead. I’ll see you there.

Thank you for one year, everyone! Let’s hope we can create a great deal more together in the year to come.


A Fresh Start on Twitter!

Hey guys! I just thought I should let you know that, due to some nonsense I don’t want to get into right now, I’ve remade my Twitter account. This is it now, at least. I’ve got the account that I’m sticking with, haha.

I use my account to talk about my work, give previews, and make jokes. I’d love to see you over there! Go check out and give me a follow. Thanks, guys!


Hey! It’s Lizzie! And look, I’ve transferred to WordPress! This is where all my content will be from now on, and older content will progressively be transferred from the ol’ archive! If you’d like to see my upcoming posts then follow this blog to do so. Thanks guys!