The Predictive Powers of Dr. Ross Geller

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Why Blink Works

When it comes to writing, less is so often more. Whenever I look at a piece and think, “Right, that’s done,” I force myself to try and cut a tenth of the word count. It makes me evaluate what’s really needed, and what’s sticking behind as self-indulgent fluff. I was told once that adding constraints can really help your writing, and I believe that’s true.

With that in mind, let’s look at Doctor Who‘s “Blink.”

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My Favourite Episode of “Black Mirror”

Black Mirror is a tricky show to watch, isn’t it? It’s like it wants to fuck up your heart. Like it wants you to forget how to breathe. Like it wants you to leave brown stains on your couch. And going into this new season, I expected much the same.

What I got, though, was USS Callister, which is without a doubt now my favourite episode of the show. (Some spoilers ahead, everyone.)

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: My Top 5 Personal Favourite Episodes

Is the fact that I’m a Buffy fan much of a surprise?

No? Well, regardless, thanks to Shannon I happen to be watching the show yet again. And since I’m in a Buffy mood right now, I figured, hey! Let’s write a short post about what my five favourite—for subjective reasons, mostly—episodes of Buffy are. I plan to talk more about the show in the future, so it’d be cool to revisit this post once I’ve done so and see if and how my opinions on the matter have changed.

(And, as a side note, this post was a bitch to categorize, since Buffy kind of fucked genre in the ass.)

So, let us begin. Here are my Top 5 Personal favourite episodes of Buffy the Vampire slayer. Tell your friends! #NudesAtOneMill*

Spoilers ahead for … a pretty old, show guys. You can’t be blaming me for this one.

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