Return of the Reading Slump

Everyone who loves reading is bound to have a reading slump every now and again, but sadly I seem to be rather prone to them. And since my health went and shat itself it’s even harder for me to read, so to be honest when I have a reading slump I’m less than surprised. 

And lo and behold, the reading slump has returned! 

If you follow me on Goodreads (link in the sidebar, nudge nudge) you may have noticed that my reading progress has basically frozen. And I’m really annoyed about it, because I was working really hard on reading more and I have a bunch of stuff that I have to read for uni. It’s … well, I’m not happy about it.

Last year, my health was so bad that I read about half of a book, and skimmed the rest of it. That’s why I put so much effort into reading more this year. Even reading one book is a victory, because I really do love reading, so I know that I shouldn’t beat myself up too much for having a reading slump. But I can’t of can’t help it.

But! It’s normal, right? I’ll get over it. And when I do I’ll get back to reviewing the books that I read on this here blog. Until that happens, I’ll probably be on Twitter (again, link in the sidebar, nudge nudge) complaining about not being able to read anything. Hope to be back soon! Love you guys. 

But seriously, if you have any advice for getting through a reading slump then I’m all ears for real. x