Mini Reviews | Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn (The Books)

Welcome to another edition of Mini Reviews, in which I take a whole series and give each book/movie/mistake in said series a one or two paragraph review. Today, we’re looking at The Twilight Twilight! Because I’m a font of originality—and incapable of letting things go.

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Mini Reviews | The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Battle Royale

I remember The Hunger Games being the biggest damn deal in college because I was brave (ha ha) enough to criticise one aspect of it on one occasion and I got shouted down so fast it was like getting one of Katniss’s arrows in the back. I also remember that it was pointed out, more than once, that however unintentionally it might have been, the series rather resembled the Japanese novel Battle Royale.

So, for today’s mini reviews, let’s take a quick look at every book in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, and then a look at the novel it’s been accused of copying! This is going to be a fun one for me.

… I have a history with this series.

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