What “Bright” Teaches Us About (Lazy) Worldbuilding

When I reviewed Bright, I mentioned that one of my problems with the film is its worldbuilding. In the end, the film’s promising premise is let down by the lack of attention to the implications of the world that has been created, and it ultimately fails to give the message and tell the story that it wants to.

But we’re in luck! This movie might not have the best worldbuilding of all time, but the worldbuilding that it does have has a lot to teach us. So let’s get some learnin’ done, shall we?

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YouTube’s Response to Logan Paul – Bullsh*t of the Week

Hey hey, everyone. Welcome to another edition of Bullsh*t of the Week. And I know, I know, more Logan Paul. But given what’s transpired, especially with how I responded to it, I needed to write a brief post in response to how YouTube finally answered the whole thing.

So, uh. Prepare for some bullshit.

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