The Problem With Justice League

Yeah, I know. I write that like there’s only one. But you gotta clickbait that title, dudes. It’s not just YouTubers who are strangled.

In my review of the movie, the post to which this is kind of a follow-up, I didn’t mention this one thing that’s been bothering me since I posted it. So I’m going to cover it now. (So, spoiler alert.)

Yes, this movie is trying so hard to be a Marvel movie. Yes, this movie contains dumb shit like Aquaman saying “Booyah” and Superman and Cyborg bonding like they haven’t only known each other for seventeen seconds. Yes, this movie doesn’t keep the characterisation that it established in the movies that came before.

But it does something that bothers me just a little bit more? And what’s that? Well…

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Maybe Wonder Woman Isn’t THE Hero of Her Own Movie, But That’s Not Really the Point

Originally posted June 30, 2017

Yesterday I saw Wonder Woman for the third time. It’s definitely my favourite movie in a long while—and I watch a lot of movies. And it’s Wonder Woman that I’m here to talk about today!

Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman. You have been warned.

A while ago, I saw Digital Spy arguing that, because of Steve Trevor’s role, Diana isn’t the hero in her own movie. This post discusses how Steve could have been cut from the movie. I’m not addressing Digital Spy directly, here, but I will be talking about that view of the movie. To be honest, I’m afraid I think that that view of the film rather misses the point. Not to mention that this film has some great messages.

So, let’s get into this.diana gif


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