Why Blink Works

When it comes to writing, less is so often more. Whenever I look at a piece and think, “Right, that’s done,” I force myself to try and cut a tenth of the word count. It makes me evaluate what’s really needed, and what’s sticking behind as self-indulgent fluff. I was told once that adding constraints can really help your writing, and I believe that’s true.

With that in mind, let’s look at Doctor Who‘s “Blink.”

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What Makes a Dalek a Dalek?

Recently, when I see complaints about the Daleks it’s to do with them being overused. The Daleks appear in the thousands now, zipping all over the screen and firing the Doctor at planets. They’re just not as scary as they used to be. But there’s something else, too. They’re not quite as Dalek, either.

So today, I’d like to rewind. I’d like to go back to the beginning, and take a look at just what makes the Daleks … well, Daleks.

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Hey, West Covina (Or, Why You Should Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Yes! Hey hey! It’s me, Lizzie. And I’m still alive. Disappeared there for a while, but I continue to exist. And today I’m going to be talking about my friend Shannon and I have been obsessed with the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend—and while I’m here try and convince you to watch it if you haven’t already.

I’ve picked three points for the sake of this post. While I could go on forever, I’ll limit this post’s length and save you some time. So, without further ado:

1. Its Wonderful Story

I’m aware that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend got some bad press in the past for its title. These people have definitely not seen the show. I’m not the only one to defend the title. Like many things in the show, the title is a deconstruction. And it’s, well, wonderful.

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca Bunch (played by the brilliant Rachel Bloom) is feeling miserable in her New York job when she happens to run into her ex-boyfriend, Josh. Feeling like glitter is exploding inside of her (her words), she follows him to his hometown of West Covina, California, seeking happiness—and his heart.

But it’s not as simple as that. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend addresses all sorts of issues. Friendship, motherhood, race, gender, alcoholism—and, most strikingly, a frank look at mental health. It’s not afraid to pull any punches. It’s not afraid to make you cry. So watch it. Cry. (And laugh a bunch.)

2. The Characters

No show can be perfect in its diversity, but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend does a pretty good job. There’s a wide range of identities in the main cast. And, aside from that, they’re all sparkling and unique people. They jump off the screen and their interactions come alive.

Every single character in this show seems fleshed out, somehow. Even smaller characters like Rebecca’s mother (Shannon’s favourite, who’s singing the song in the above clip) have an arc of their own. Thought was put into everyone.

Not to mention, I am ridiculously attached to protagonist (antihero?) Rebecca Bunch. I adore her as a character. She is spectacular.

3. The Musical Numbers

It would be crazy (well, aren’t I a comedian?) to write a post about why you should watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and fail to mention its musical numbers. This show features an army of them—several an episode, sometimes—and they’re well-written, funny pastiche numbers inspired by real-life musicals and music videos.

Not only that, the musical numbers are used to tighten up the storytelling with reprise, etc. With a few notes from “Settle For Me,” we know exactly what theme the show is touching upon. Some of the numbers are better than others, but nevertheless, I enjoy them all. I am forever listening to this show’s soundtrack, and have a Spotify playlist for myself full of my favourite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs.

So what are you waiting for? Go watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and get “What’ll It Be?” stuck in your head like I have for the past few days.

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