One Year!

Yesterday marked my One Year Anniversary on WordPress! I was unable to write anything to celebrate, so we’ll be celebrating in a week. My One Year Anniversary will be celebrated in a post next Saturday instead. I’ll see you there.

Thank you for one year, everyone! Let’s hope we can create a great deal more together in the year to come.


This Is Where I Am (Or: On Being Better)

I’m not usually that much of a sentimental person. In fact I joke with my friends that I avoid sentimental occasions at all costs. However, on this occasion, with me about to commit to putting a lot more time into this blog, I thought it right to say something. I have some regrets to air.

So, here’s a short post about me, and about how I’m trying to do better. I apologise in advance for this being a ramble. It’s simply something that I need to say, as I scramble the words to say it.

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Introducing the Snow Nipple

Yes. So. It snowed. It happened. That freezing cold stuff that I half hate because I’m incapable of walking in it, but this time around kind of appreciated for a while. Everyone else is incapable of walking in it too, you see. The shop I work in wasn’t as busy for a little while. Woohoo. I mean, sure, LapsedHeathen did slip and break his arm, but does one need to dwell.

Yes. One does. It sucks.

But, I’m not talking about that event today. I’m talking about this:


After a bad day, my sister and mum went outside to build a snow man, and up there? He’d be the results. I thought he was kind of cute, so I’d share a picture of him, since it’s kind of what you might call a slow blogging day and everything.

Also, there’s the fact that he looks like the above mentioned LapsedHeathen, who happens to moonlight as my dad. My mum pointed it out after they’d finished building him, and she’s right. He totally does. I wonder if my dad appreciates that.

But, sadly, I fear that the snowman is not long for this world.


He has become snow nipple.