On Reflection: My Review Style

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One Year!

Yesterday marked my One Year Anniversary on WordPress! I was unable to write anything to celebrate, so we’ll be celebrating in a week. My One Year Anniversary will be celebrated in a post next Saturday instead. I’ll see you there.

Thank you for one year, everyone! Let’s hope we can create a great deal more together in the year to come.

This Is Where I Am (Or: On Being Better)

I’m not usually that much of a sentimental person. In fact I joke with my friends that I avoid sentimental occasions at all costs. However, on this occasion, with me about to commit to putting a lot more time into this blog, I thought it right to say something. I have some regrets to air.

So, here’s a short post about me, and about how I’m trying to do better. I apologise in advance for this being a ramble. It’s simply something that I need to say, as I scramble the words to say it.

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We Sincerely Regret You Felt That Way – Bullsh*t of the Week

Bullshit is defined as “stupid or untrue talk or writing; nonsense.” Today’s variety of bullshit is: Stupid or untrue writing. And I am definitely referring to the “apology” discussed in this post, not to the grievances for which the people in question are “apologising.” That cleared up, let’s talk about some bullshit.

The first section of this post, But Why?, is about why this matters to me. The third, The “Apology”, is about the “apology” posted on Twitter and why it matters. If you already know the background around Channel Awesome, etc, then section two The Document is gonna be pretty much irrelevant to you.

And off we go.

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