Sorry that it took me so long to get to this but you know, post scheduling, etc. But anyway, it’s here! Today I’m going to give my reactions to the Doctor Who Series 11 trailer.

Here we go!

It still seems like they’re playing their cards pretty close to their chest here. In general, everyone’s been pretty tight-lipped about what we can expect from Series 11, and that continues in this trailer.

Overall we get little from this. There’s just a small hint of the sense of adventure and of the new companions, but no more information than we knew about them already. That’s okay though! Always leave them wanting more, and that. And it’s not like being vague is new for Who. Remember before Series 4 when our ad was a shot of marching Sontarans?

It does seem like we may get a little more planet action, from the shots shown, but we’ll have to wait and see. Plus there’s still classic Doctor Who dingy corridors! Can’t complain about that.

Some people have complained about Whittaker’s accent, but I have absolutely no complaints about it. There’s something whimsical about her character so far (she’s been compared to Smith’s Doctor, I think) and her voice actually really adds to that. To that childish sense of adventure.

Again, overall there’s little more to say that I haven’t already said, given that they want us to know basically nothing anyway.

I’d be interested to hear what you guys think! Talk to me in the comments. What do you want from the new series? Are you excited by what’s been shown, or does it have you worried?

I have some thoughts about the new companions, and about Chibnall as showrunner, but I’ll leave them for another post so that this doesn’t get too cluttered. See you next time!

The universe is calling.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer: My Thoughts

  1. “The universe is calling!” love that phrase. Makes me wonder if we will see another series with a common phrase that links to the final. I think that was one of the many, many,
    reasons I fell in love with Who. Wanted to see if I could find the hidden phrase. I never can.

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