New Doctor Who Teaser: My Thoughts

It’s been quiet in terms of Who news for a while, so I haven’t had much to say. However, the teaser for the new series was just released, so today I thought I would give my thoughts.

Man, this show continues to be the only reason I ever check out a televised sporting event.

Well, a teaser is designed to tease. We’ve not been given more info than what we already knew. (Officially, I mean. I’m leaving leaks out of this.) We see the three companions that will be joining the Doctor (I’m personally most interested in Bradley Walsh’s character) and the Doctor zipping around, messing with time.

It’s interesting that the time travel is presented like that, but I won’t say much on it for now. At the moment it really is just a visual.

I have to say, it really does have me intrigued about the companions. I’m interested to see how they’ll interact with the new (and first woman) Doctor, and how the show will balance having three companions. That hasn’t been done for a while and became a problem even in the classic era when they were running only multi-episode stories.

Also, it just looks beautiful. The visuals are clean and stunning, and there’s something in the colours that just looks right, to me. Right for Doctor Who. I know they made a big deal out of the new cinematic cameras. I really do hope that the show stays so pretty. It’s different from your classic murky corridors, but Moffat also gave his own visual stamp. I want to see Chibnall’s.

Speaking of pretty: Jodie Whittaker’s smile killed me. She is absolutely stunning. And that smile just gave off the feel of the Doctor.

All in all, I think the teaser did its job. I am really looking forward to the new series. I’ve decided to be optimistic.

The universe is calling, everyone. So give me your thoughts on the teaser in the comments, eh?


7 thoughts on “New Doctor Who Teaser: My Thoughts

    1. I’m really looking forward to it. I mean I know that the Who legacy is that it’s kind of cheap and grubby looking (plus all those damn corridors) but I can’t help it it looks so PRETTY. Moffat overhauled the visual style when he took over so Chibnall better show me somethin pretty.

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