We CAN Do Something About All the Creeps In Hollywood (But…) | Bullsh*t of the Week

Oh, look at that. Caught me in a bad mood. This post will discuss harassment, assault, and rape, so please be careful going forward.

Bullshit” is defined as “stupid or untrue talk or writing; nonsense.” And I would say it’s just, stupid and untrue stuff. And this that we have to put up with marks itself as a very special brand of bullshit.

This Week’s Brand of Bullshit: Stupidity and Nonsense (and also I’m sad)

So, in recent pop culture history, it came to light that Hollywood just so happens to be full of creeps who like to do things like, say, assault and harass women. When this transpired every man on earth collectively did an impression of the face screaming in fear emoji, while every woman remembered the man who said their was something waiting for her in his white van just a couple days before (this has happened to me) and carried on, just a little more tired than she had been before.

It was only a few weeks, however, before our easily distracted shock culture moved on to the next thing. And every woman on earth returned to being worried about the man walking behind her at night (because there are 11 rapes an hour in England and Wales, and in 2016-2017 93% of Rape Crisis Centres were female) while very aware that being wary of him may result in him yelling at her for being “rude” (this has happened to me). See, it was the old “this is the way that it’s always been” state of mind. Hard to feel like there had really been any change.

Because, you know, there hasn’t been.

Why must something continue to be a certain way simply because it’s been that way before? Would you rather see me confined to a life as a baby making machine, unable to vote or own land? (Actually, don’t answer that.) Don’t you feel like “that’s the way it’s always been” comes out of not changing is, in fact, easier than changing?

And I do get it. But stop it. That’s dumb. You see how that’s dumb, yes?

The topic here today is essentially this: As a lover of film, I’m already saddened by the homogenous nature of Hollywood, by the pathetic male/female ratio. To have it worsened by those males pussy grabbing isn’t exactly my idea of a motivating “We can do it!” poster.

Yeah, remember her?

But this isn’t entirely a case of “this is how it’s always been, so this is how it will stay.” There is something that we as a collective can do to stop these sad sack actors and directors and whatever else sticking around where we don’t want them.

We got two routes here:

1. We could, you know, stop making them famous.

And don’t you dare tell me, as I’ve seen wonderful Twitter users doing, that that’s out of our hands. That’s literally entirely in our hands. So you know who makes people famous? We do. The audience is in fact what makes any celebrity—or non-celebrity, actually—relevant to anything. I’m an internet nobody, but if it wasn’t for you lovely humans reading and interacting with this blog I would be an internet nothing.

If you don’t believe me, take this here example:

You know how a meme starts and it’s hilarious and you see it all over Twitter and Reddit and your favourite YouTuber’s are referencing it and there are hilarious parodies everywhere and—oh look, a normie posted it on Facebook. The meme is dead forever. We, as a collective, decide to stop posting the meme and it vanishes from the collective consciousness.

Hollywood does have a monetary advantage over us, though, which leads into my second example.

While Pirates of the Caribbean will always be a great movie (and before you make comments down below about that opinion, people can be in two minds about a subject), it now has the unfortunate branding of Johnny Depp’s face slapped onto it. Over the years he hasn’t exactly retained people’s favour.

I can’t remember who said it, so shout at me if you know, but recently on YouTube (an old video, but I was watching it recently) someone pointed out that we as a collective aren’t actively interested in Johnny Depp anymore, but Hollywood continues to put him in movies because they’re out of touch enough to think that this isn’t the case. But hey, they’re out of touch enough for the whole do the Oscars to be a thing (but that’s a rant for another day). But, doesn’t work because we don’t give a shit.

Or maybe you do, but I think that in general better, less creepy actors have taken our attention.

If you don’t make a guy famous, he’s stuck un-famously trying to force himself on a woman and then crying about how he feels rejected when she pushes him off her, while his mother is outside waiting to pick him up. (And, yes. This happened to me.) At least he won’t be a millionaire while he does that.

2. Alternatively, we can go for the good ol’ name and shame

It sucks hearing that the guy playing Batman—Batman—is a creepy sort of dude. But if you know it, say something.

Listen, I know what I just said, but the fame of a human isn’t the same as the relevance of a meme. People claw to it with all sorts, and I know that, so even if the entire human race pledged to ignore someone, we can pretty much guarantee that journalists wouldn’t.

So if you don’t wanna go the route of seeing if you can successfully remove a man of the crown of fame, why not try the route of EXCUSE YOU, THAT MAN IS NOT OF FAVOURABLE CHARACTER AND I DON’T WISH TO SEE HIM IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

And then ignore him. Celebrities hate that. Well, the creepy ones do.

Oh, and, no. A woman is still not under any obligation to report harassment if she’s not comfortable doing so, because excuse you have you noticed the backlash that these women get? In retrospect, I wish I had (classmate who wouldn’t stop texting me inappropriate sexual messages, I’m looking at you) but it made sense for me not to at the time. And that’s okay.

3. Well, Okay…

Look, I know that this is a jumbled rant that I wrote at 6am and my points could be better argued by a drunken rodent, but in essence the point is: Stop making these creeps famous? Why do we keep letting these creeps stay famous? It’s advantages to no one but the creeps themselves.

And we know that this going to rehab stuff is bullshit. We know that this “I intend to work on my behaviour” is bullshit. We know that it’s all bullshit, so let’s not stand for it. You know?

And, no. Sorry. I’m not letting this one out of the collective consciousness. Not while there are random men reaching up under skirts. (Which didn’t happen to me, but happened to a loved one and is just as egregious. More, to me, actually.)

Just remember: They’re assholes. And if they say they’re working on it, it’s probably bullshit. And if a woman says “Me too”? Well I hate to break it to you Mr. In-A-Bubble, but that very very likely isn’t.

We can do something about all the creeps in Hollywood BUT it will take a lot of us, and given the reaction to all this … I’m afraid I don’t trust a lot of us.

And it’s still 6am and I’m still mad, so I’m going to get caffeinated. See you next week.


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