The Critiquing Chemist

Rate :5/5
Medium : Audiobook
Overview (No Spoilers) :

I’ve heard so many people mention The Wheel of Time series, however it is usually in context of commenting on the unusual length of the series or Jordan’s unfortunate passing prior to the series conclusion. It occurred to me while reading The Eye of the World that I’ve never actually had someone come out and tell me, “You NEED to read this series,” instead the recommendation was merely implied because it was just that good. At seventeen total books I knew it would be a major commitment to reading this classic series, and I’d expected the plot to be plodding and methodical to allow for the sprawling of so many novels. In hindsight I should have realized that a series that is as touted by so many book lovers would in no way be slow moving.  Jordan’s narrative, picks up and…

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