YouTube’s Response to Logan Paul – Bullsh*t of the Week

Hey hey, everyone. Welcome to another edition of Bullsh*t of the Week. And I know, I know, more Logan Paul. But given what’s transpired, especially with how I responded to it, I needed to write a brief post in response to how YouTube finally answered the whole thing.

So, uh. Prepare for some bullshit.

In my initial response, I criticised YouTube for the non-response to this whole thing. I also pointed out how they didn’t actually seem willing to do anything at all in Logan’s actions. For the video in which I discuss this (it’s about five minutes long) click here. I’ll also show you the initial response from YouTube, so you catch my drift if we haven’t seen it already.


“We’re very sorry that this non-specific thing happened. We partner with safety groups, though, and it’s against the guidelines, so…”

(My first video linked above has a more in-depth response to this initial statement.)

It was actually the same day that I posted that video that YouTube finally posted a real response. Real in the sense that they addressed, specifically, what had happened. I made a quick video response to that just to acknowledge that they’d done it, but without providing any real insight. I just thought that I should acknowledge that they had said anything, which is more than I expected from them.

I kind of regret that it made it seem like I supported the statement, though—which it kind of seems like it does, though I clarify the case in the description. I was really just kind of glad that they had said anything at all, even a shitty thing, because I wasn’t expecting jack from them.

If you actually take a look at the content of their statement, however, you begin to see the problems with the thing. So let’s take a look at it, shall we? Because it is really some bullshit.

Yeah, no shit, geniuses. It’s a little late now, though, isn’t it? Never mind how long it took you to respond to this incident, everything you ever do is a shady fuck up. The Adpocalypse? Your crappy demonetization system? Plus, now, some YouTubers I watch say their Paul videos are essentially being blacklisted, so there’s that.

“We will fix the Paul problem! Fix it with censorship!”

Great! Good. Any moral person should have been fucking disgusted. So why, if you were upset, did fail to remove the video, allow it to reach the trending page, and why was it manually approved when it was flagged for inappropriate content? Hm?

Yeah, okay. And that’s a correct statement, but I have this horrible feeling that you used it to avoid coming up with one of your own. Further, if you think this, then why *points aggressively to my above paragraph*? Do you actually think that you can claim this now after you did literally fuck all about it when it happened?

From what I hear he got a strike. Which, fine. He violated the guidelines. But in a truly, truly horrific way. And “looking at further” consequences could mean anything and nothing, let’s be real. You didn’t act accordingly though, did you? How many times do we have to point out that you did absolute dick about it? It got on the FUCKING trending page. And no one is convincing me that YouTube has no say in what gets on there.

Logan Paul took down his own video because of the backlash. YouTube didn’t. YouTube did nothing. YouTube tried to avoid saying this, and they’re saying it now solely, again, due to the backlash. This did not, and they have not, and they will not, “act accordingly.

Also, uh … Why did they tag themselves?

“It’s taken us a long time to respond because we were hiding under our desks hoping that you would leave us alone.”

Hey, YouTube? Never have I known you listen to a fucking word that your community has said. Every commentary channel on the site has been pointing out various very big screw ups on your part for a long time, now, and you’ve not really fixed any of it, have you? Even the demonetization bot is still a fucking shambles.

Oh, and, in regards to their statement that they’re taking steps to avoid something else like this happening again: Don’t bet that it won’t be something else that dicks over perfectly innocent creators, like every other one of their “steps” to fix a problem.

This might be a statement, that actually addresses what happened, which is more than I was expecting, but it’s still 100% YouTube: Shady bullshit.

Thank you for reading, everyone. Sorry that this one was a little ranty, but I’m still pissed about it. I spend so much time on YouTube and all it ever does is frustrate me. And here it is, doing it again.

I’ve vented now, though, so I guess I’ll get over it—until they pull another stunt, that is.

But. Yes. Thanks for reading. You can find more of my content on YouTube, and of course, I’m also on Twitter. I hope to see you there.


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