I Just Watched: Why Him? (Movie Review)

And not for the first time, either. But, I was having a conversation with ~the boyfriend~ and we needed a movie that wasn’t going to demand too much attention, so Why Him? it was. And it’s certainly … Well, it’s interesting, isn’t it? And here’s a brief review of the damn thing for you guys. Let’s go.


Why Him? is a fascinating exercise in being Hollywood. It’s about as predictable as a comedy can get. Every character you think is going to appear, does. Every joke is telegraphed. Every punchline bounds over the horizon, stomping and clattering so you know it’s coming about three fucking miles before it gets there.

Aside from that, those things which are jokes are usually split into two categories: jokes that you knew were coming, and jokes that aren’t jokes.

A man farting? Yeah, he’s on the toilet and another guy’s in the room, so we see that coming. Having to eat paper? That’s … not a joke.

A man telling his girlfriend’s dad an incorrect definition of “bukkake,” causing him to misuse it at a party later? Well, it’s not like we didn’t see that punchline bounding towards us. A foreign accent, on the other hand … well, one would hope that isn’t still a great source of comedy.

This movie isn’t a Christmas classic. It’s not going to be remembered decades from now because nothing in it strikes a chord in the heart. It can’t, because it’s a cookie cutter movie to the point of being empty. You’re familiar with the idea of the cutting room floor? Well, this movie is what happens when someone picks up the scraps and sticks them together without reading those scraps beforehand.

But … Bryan Cranston … so … I can only conclude that this worthless.


This movie might not be It’s A Wonderful Life, but it’s a bit of mindless entertainment. And that’s okay. I’m not one to be snobby about something like that. ~The boyfriend~ and I had fun watching it, and we especially had fun poking fun at some of the more ridiculous elements.

So, if you’re interested in a little mindless entertainment (gotta drop in that affiliate link, eh?) why not check out Why Him? on Amazon? We don’t always want to watch the classics, right?

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7 thoughts on “I Just Watched: Why Him? (Movie Review)

  1. i watched this movie and HONESTLY liked it, BECAUSE of it’s stupidness. i laughed at the stupid, expected huge jokes and the ones that weren’t funny, but still somehow were. i’m glad you reviewed. it was worth watching, tho nobody in the world is gonna remember it, and i bet very few have even watched it. (and those who have aren’t proud to admit it) lol 🙂

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    1. I enjoyed it too because of how dumb it is. That’s kind of why I rec’d it, because I feel like everyone needs some dumb entertainment sometimes and this was just the thing. Seems like we have pretty similar thoughts on it haha.

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      1. yep. u said it. i would watch it again too bc I REALLY ENJOYED ITS DUMBNESS. hey have you seen deadpool? it’s my #1 fav. i’m looking forward to the 2nd. CAN’T WAIT. i’d enjoy it if you reviewed that one–unless you already did.

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        1. i’m so glad. when i meet people they don’t expect me to say “my favorite movie is dead pool” but it always makes them laugh. i’m not ashamed to admit that it is. rayn reynolds is definitely the FUNNIEST person they could have picked for deadpool!!! i just love him!!!

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