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Bullsh*t of the Day – Prince Ea

Good deeds are only done when there’s a profit margin.

Good deeds are only done when there’s a profit margin.

Man, that’s pretty ironic coming from a guy who coincidentally happens to have a … coincidentally large number of these traits of fake gurus, isn’t it?


I edited this to improve the phrasing coz I’m gonna … mention this guy again. Heh.


7 comments on “Bullsh*t of the Day – Prince Ea

  1. what’s the story here? is he a fake prince?

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    • I’ve actually got a whole thing I could write about this dude lol.

      His name comes from like “prince earth” which is some prophet thing. He write positivity poetry etc on YouTube and Facebook, and it’s pretty much all BS. He never cites his sources. He has a real ego. Can’t take criticism. Long story short, he’s pretty much your classic fake guru, internet edition. I thought he was done annoying me, yet he persists. XD

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      • ugh. i hate when people don’t stop being crappy. sorry he’s relentless. but lol thanks for the information. i’ve never heard of him before. why are people so fake??? i don’t get it. and also.. what’s the point of writing stuff if you can’t take people’s honest opinions about it?

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