Personal Rants and Complaints

A Case of Raving

In the spring of 2012, I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. This particularly nasty breed doesn’t just cause seizures, but also plagues me with dizziness and constant fatigue, and is the reason that I have to take medication with nasty side effects that bother me more than the actual seizures do. So there’s that.

Oh, and thanks to my epilepsy, Jesus hath appeared to me, the kid who named their ship in Star Trek Online after Richard fucking Dawkins. So there’s that.

God, I am so going to hell.

I write this impulsive piece because I felt the need, in the sour mood that I’m feeling, to wax poetic about how everything is royally shit. But I think that’s the chronic pain talking. Or my inability to get a driving licence. Or how thanks to epilepsy caused religious experiences I’m kind of an un-rapey Claude Frollo.

It’s why I get all the girls.

Look, I just wanted to say. Sometimes I struggle. Most of the time, it’s a health thing. Sometimes it’s epilepsy, sometimes it’s my mind going “Fuck you, Robinson.” And it means that I go off the grid and fail to update my blog, and perhaps when I come back to my blog I won’t be my usual, upbeat self. (Sarcasm is funny.)

But hey, never think that I don’t give a shit. My blog is really important to me. As is my YouTube channel, and everything else that I dedicate my time to. I might be a small little nobody who rants on the internet, but I’m a small little nobody who rants on the internet because I give a shit.

So next time I go AWOL, don’t worry. I’m coming back.

Unless I’ve just seen Justice League again. Then maybe I’ve given up. Who can say.

Thanks for your patience.


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