Yours Faithfully, a Pain In the Arse

So, today I was distracted from what I planned on doing (which was sleeping so that I couldn’t complain about how much pain I was in) by a letter given to myself and my flatmate today. When I was finally able to read it, I discovered that the TV licensing people have seen fit to send an enforcing officer to us for not having a license.

The problems with this would be a) we do, b) it was addressed to the previous occupant (I think), and c) WE DO. When my flatmate called the provided number they were expectedly uncooperative and unhelpful. The letter also says that they’re sending said enforcement officer because we failed to respond to their previous correspondence, which we didn’t receive because we didn’t live here. In fact, when they sent it, nobody lived here. These are university halls.

Anyway. That’s what’s been annoying me today. I’m off to work on something for my channel, which you can check out here if you’re so inclined. Forgive me if I rant about this in more detail in the future.


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